24th National and 1st International Clinical Toxicology Congress


Dear Colleagues

On behalf of the Society of Clinical Toxicology, it is my honor and pleasure to invite you to attend the 24th of National Clinical and 1st International Clinical Toxicology Congress in Konya-Turkey. This congress will be held between 25th and 27th of May, 2019 in Konya Nov Otel & Convention Center which is located in the heart of the city.

The objectives of our congress are to provide participants with an up-to-date review of the most recent developments in research and the intensive care management of critically poisoning. Our congress is held in every years and is unique in its field in which all speakers are well known national and international experts.

The meeting is open to all physicians, nurses and other health professionals with an interest in clinical toxicology and intensive care medicine. I look forward to seeing you in this scientific event together with a warm social atmosphere.

Lale Karabiyik MD, PhD
President of the Society of Clinical Toxicology
Congress President